Resources Oct 06

[Tip Sheet] Hotel booking flow: what happens to your hotel booking?

When a user clicks to book a hotel reservation a number of processes are triggered behind the scenes that make it possible, along this journey there are numerous stops that can affect the success and profitability of the booking. The tip sheet linked below provides you with a quick overview...

Blog Sep 11

Is there room for new OTAs to find success?

The travel industry is a crowded and competitive place, given the success of giants like Expedia and Booking, is there really any point for someone to invest in opening a new travel agency? How can they possibly compete against them and find any success? To answer that, let’s take a...

Podcast Aug 15

Gimmonix podcast #1 – Amit Golan [Trip Sciences]

In the ever-expanding market of the travel industry, one avenue for distribution has garnered a lot of attention, yet remains woefully undercapitalized. That would be the realm of mobile, mobile users account for a majority of the traffic to online travel sites, yet still represents less than a quarter of...