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5 ways automating improves your travel business’ bottom line

Why automating manual processes in the travel industry pays off for OTAs and suppliers.

Changing any process you have become used to brings with it fear of the unknown. Even if your current method isn’t producing optimal results, a lot of times it feels safer to continue using a familiar method, rather than taking a leap into trusting a new process. This fear can also be amplified if it means switching from a manual or semi-manual mechanism to an automated one.

Digitizing and automating manual processes are crucial business trends across any industry nowadays. Partners and competitors are adopting ever-evolving technologies, and customers are starting to expect them. To keep up with your competitors, examining how automating can benefit a travel company like yours becomes inevitable.

There are ample opportunities for travel companies to automate processes:

  • Certification: OTAs wait a long time for supplier certification, an average of 3 weeks in fact. During this time they miss out on a lot of potential revenue. By fully automating the process, time to market is substantially reduced and selling can start much faster.
  • Traffic: Connection failures lead to continuously lost sales. With automation, suppliers can monitor and reduce errors, to make sure their inventory is sold every time it is requested.
  • Mapping: OTAs and suppliers using manual mapping solutions often receive faulty mapping results after waiting for weeks. In the time they were waiting, new and unmapped inventory could have been sold and more money could have been earned. There are currently hotel and room mapping solutions on the market that are fully automated, extremely accurate, prevent errors, and save on labor time and costs.

In order to streamline workflows and become more productive, more and more businesses are choosing to automate processes, especially those that are time-intensive or leave a lot of room for human error. If you can think of at least one process within your travel business that this reminds you of, you should strongly consider automating it. Initially the cost and the implementation of a new technology can seem overwhelming, but the speedy and efficient results it gives you and the return on investment makes it more than worthwhile.

Let’s examine how automation can benefit your travel business:

Save time and money

Automating processes cuts down the amount of time needed from your employees. This saves many hours and dollars spent on labor, instantly reducing your operational costs.

Reduce errors

Human errors are a common, inevitable problem in any manual process. The bigger the team involved is, the greater the chances that mistakes happen. This is especially true when it comes to tedious tasks such as hotel mapping. Automating complex and time-consuming procedures gives you a consistency that cannot be achieved otherwise and prevents errors that take time and money to correct.

Gain data and the ability to measure

Many automated solutions have the ability to collect and store data, and offer business logic and BI layers that can help you turn the data into valuable insights for your business’s development. It can help you understand things such as customer booking behaviours, booking trends and preferences, giving you the power to adjust your offers accordingly and increase revenue.

Grow your business

Scaling manual processes is often times a big struggle for many businesses and prevents them from growing. Automating processes such as supplier integrations can empower businesses to grow at a much faster pace thanks to their efficiency and reduced spending needs.

Better quality and a better product

By reducing the amount of errors through automating processes the final output is simply better. This allows for a much smoother workflow, which improves the overall functionality of any product and will make your business more successful.

In the travel industry many methods have been in place for a long time. While they do work, they leave a lot of room for human error and produce sub-par results. Automating allows OTAs and suppliers alike to save on time and money, understand and improve products and to grow business and their revenue.

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