Blog Sep 11

Is there room for new OTAs to find success?

The travel industry is a crowded and competitive place, given the success of giants like Expedia and Booking, is there really any point for someone to invest in opening a new travel agency? How can they possibly compete against them and find any success? To answer that, let’s take a...

Blog Jul 18

Hotel Mapping is a Skeleton Key to Success

If you’re a decision-maker that values accurate data to make predictions and analysis, you’re in need of data. Data to decide; –          What to feature in ads –          What to feature on your site –          Which distributors to...

Blog Jun 03

The Holy Grail of Travel Marketing

Marketing continues to be the largest annual expense for most travel agencies year after year, companies like Expedia are known for repeatedly spending over half their annual budget on marketing. It’s not hard to understand why; the only way to maintain a brand presence, acquire and retain customers has long...