Resources Dec 18

[Tip Sheet] What to look for in a hotel connectivity solution

Establishing or improving operations as an Online Travel Agency (OTA) is filled with challenges and pitfalls. Ultimately, decisions must come down to choosing that which will yield the maximum return for your investment. However, that is rarely a clear choice, instead, you can find yourself bogged down in features and...

Resources Nov 28

How to optimize your OTA – Part 5 of 5 – Profitability

After all the processing and third parties involved in selling hotels and flights, your margins can end up alarmingly small. Thankfully there are solutions to widen those margins while remaining competitive. you can find them here.

Resources Nov 26

How to optimize your OTA – Part 4 of 5 – Suppliers

Your relationship with your hotel inventory suppliers is critical to a successful hotel product. The steps needed to improve that relationship are also beneficial to you and your customers. Read the full tip-sheet using this link.