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Driving massive growth in booking volume through Travolutionary

Tale Travel relied on local tech providers to power their B2B platform. However, they quickly outgrew this technology and needed to expand. That’s when Tale Travel decided to partner with Gimmonix.

What surprised Tale Travel the most about working with Gimmonix?

“The coverage and accuracy of the mapping really stands out compared to our previous provider. That mapping enables clients to search by destinations and the other field types, room type, room class, etc. That empowers travel agents to work well and sell bookings through the system.

Additionally, what has surprised us the most, are your colleagues in support. They’ve been extremely helpful from the start and it can put your mind at ease to know that they’re always available when we need them.”

What kind of competitive edge does Gimmonix provide Tale Travel?
Sabin outlined three primary advantages of working with Travolutionary.

Travolutionary back-office
“Travolutionary’s back-office has been instrumental for agents. The UI is far friendlier and more importantly, it’s more efficient than the competition, allowing agents and agencies to get their job done right.

Travolutionary pricing
“Travolutionary allows us to work with multiple rate types. We adapted the pricing to be more flexible than what the current (local) competition can provide, tailoring the pricing for each of our suppliers.”

Travolutionary reporting
“Travolutionary provides us with reports for each client, to see what-and-when, and how much they’re booking. We then change our approach based on the data. As a result, we’ve seen 3-digit growth across each of our top 15 suppliers and 1800% growth with our top supplier, and our overall monthly booking volume increased by 150% in 2019”

About Tale Travel

Based in Romania, Tale Travel is a B2B platform offering travel agents and tour operators (in six different source markets) exclusive access to quality hotels and resorts around the world.

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