admin, March 19 2019

Flight Centre Travel Group: Gimmonix’s Newest Mapping.Works client

LONDON, May 9, 2018-- Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), one of the world's largest travel agency groups, has become Gimmonix's newest Mapping.Works clients.

The Australia-based company, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: FLT) and generates more than $20 billion per year in total transaction value, has turned to Mapping Works to enhance its global hotel offerings.

"With FCTG aiming to build an inventory file, and gain visibility and actionable business intelligence on the pricing competitiveness of its hotel distribution chain, we believe Mapping.Works is the next step for them on their path. We look forward to supporting Flight Centre by providing them with the best mapping solution on the market to fulfill these needs," says Gimmonix CEO Andrew Spektor.

By utilizing the latest technology, Mapping.Works provides FCTG with independence during the booking process, much needed insights, and the ability to take control of their data within their own infrastructure. This will help FCTG to further accelerate their business.

FCTG's Business Leader Commercial Strategy, James Whiting explains: "We are confident that Mapping.Works' unique automated hotel mapping will help enable us to gain better access to incremental data to empower our business intelligence and analytic tools. This will allow us to eliminate labor-intensive processes and enable effective management of our supply-channels within the accommodation sector, to make better business decisions and help drive profit growth."

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