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Hotel Supplier Success with Travolutionary: DidaTravel

Hotel consumption in China is on the rise, international travelers to China are getting more adventurous and their accommodation demands are getting more sophisticated, variety is required and a comprehensive offering is the key to success. Realizing this, DidaTravel has set out to help bridge the gap between the tremendous Chinese outbound demand and global hotel resources.

“The Chinese travel market is growing fast and hotels are a core part of what makes a trip successful. Providing access to quality, varied accommodation in China and globally is a worthwhile mission to us” said Rick Huang, Director of Sales.

In 2017, an already strong player in the Chinese market, DidaTravel was set on a quest to expand its distribution internationally. That’s when the first Dida-Gimmonix connection was established.

“We knew there was more market share out there for us to catch. The key was finding effective distribution channels -- ones that’d introduce us to as many clients as possible. Gimmonix’s Travolutionary was such a channel.”

In 16 months, DidaTravel’s hotel product went on to be channeled through a dozen Travolutionary distribution partners.

“DidaTravel has seen one of the fastest growing booking volumes on the Travolutionary platform. I had a lot of pleasure working with Rick and his team to ensure their success on the platform, and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished.” Says Benjy Isenberg, Head of supplier relations at Gimmonix.

The tech partnership

With an extensive IT background, DidaTravel is a rare find in the hotel supplier space for its technological expertise. This has rendered the Gimmonix-Dida relationship exceptionally pleasant. Rick Huang, Director of Sales at DidaTravel explains:

“We’re a tech savvy company, always on the lookout for ways to improve our API connectivity to ensure we’re providing the fastest most accurate responses. In that respect, we’d immediately found common language with our partners at Gimmonix. After a brief period of custom development, we were ready to launch an entirely new distribution channel.”

DidaTravel continues its quest for global expansion

“I think the relationship with Gimmonix has helped us realize the potential technological channels have for hotel suppliers’ expansion. As we seek to further evolve and increase business opportunity, direct access to multiple distribution platforms through one channel is priceless.”

DidaTravel continues its quest for global expansion, delivering Chinese and global travelers with comfortable accommodation experiences worldwide.

Established in 2012, DidaTravel is a leading global hotel whole saler based in China. With its edges in direct contracting content in APAC region and third party product worldwide, as wel l as its strength in I.T. capability, DidaTravel is attending 18000 clients from all over the world. Clients spread from OTAs, TMCs, airlines, to TOs and TAs. Hotel resource consists of more than 6000 competitive direct contract hotels, as well as 700 thousand products provided by 400+ global suppliers, covering 211 countries and 7405 cities.

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