Blog Nov 10

Conquering a recession through booming hotel sales. A Volala, Gimmonix and Trip Sciences success story.

Volalá, a mid-sized OTA from Argentina had been impacted by the recent economic downturn in its target market. Being a 100% online travel business, the biggest hurdle they were facing was the devaluation of the local Peso, which put a real strain on consumers’ ability to spend on travel –...

Resources Oct 29

[Tip Sheet] Where do OTAs get hotel inventory from?

The reality of the hotel distribution flow is somewhat of a tangled web of interconnected and codependent businesses. They work together and compete with one another to provide end-users and affiliates with the best offerings possible for hotel inventory. Given that it can be confusing, we’ve put together a tip-sheet...

Resources Oct 06

[Tip Sheet] Hotel booking flow: what happens to your hotel booking?

When a user clicks to book a hotel reservation a number of processes are triggered behind the scenes that make it possible, along this journey there are numerous stops that can affect the success and profitability of the booking. The tip sheet linked below provides you with a quick overview...