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The Distributor Relationship You’re Not Paying Attention to – A new Perspective on Tech Providers.

Hotel Suppliers – How do you think of tech providers? There’s a good chance you’re already relying on one to provide you with connectivity to many of your distributors. It’s likely, however, that you’re under-utilizing their service. Did you know that they can have a significant impact on your bottom line?

Tech providers are essentially another distribution channel, one that may hold significant advantages over other channels and as such, they really should be viewed as partners that are worth your investment.

Let’s consider the facts as to why a tech provider is a worthy distribution channel and future partner:

As a bedbank or hotel wholesaler you’re integrated with one or more platforms, you might ask yourself - how do I view my relationship with these distribution partners?  How accurately and frequently do they map my inventory? How can I be confident that my product and rates are displayed correctly? Is the platform growing and am I being introduced to their new clients?  How can I optimize the connection so I can maximize sales? These concerns and business nuances can be quickly addressed by a tech partner whose interests are mutually aligned with yours. They grow, you grow.

Hotel mapping is one core element.  If your product is frequently mapped, inventory will be kept up to date and refreshed. In fact, knowing what percentage of your product is mapped and having the ability to cross-check your top sellers directly affects your bottom line. Infrequently mapped inventory can result in costly mismatches. Like the other examples on this list, and of which there are many more, they can be remedied. The answer, however, lies in the nature of the relationship between you and your tech partner; understanding their leverage in the industry and utilizing their expertise to your benefit merely by investing more resources into such a qualified and seasoned specialist, can optimize your business, keep you ahead of the competition and maximize hotel sales.

Your API requires continuous technological enhancements and development, as well. But, how will these important changes be downstreamed?  Will your distribution provider prioritize such developments or issues that need resolution? What happens when technical issues occur? A tech partner has the resources, the expertise, the knowledge and the time to support your team with such complex problems which may not be prioritized or even possible for the distributors to even take care of. It is inherently in the interest of the tech partner to help their business partners optimize and update their system to increase your sales, whereas distributors don’t have such an obligation or mutual benefit.

It’s all about understanding the value of the relationship - and how investing in it could yield significant returns. If you’ve already invested time and money into integrating with a tech partner; optimizing such a connection may be the most strategic, cost effective and easy way to grab low-hanging fruit. The choice is yours.

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