admin, July 18 2019

Hotel Mapping is a Skeleton Key to Success

If you’re a decision-maker that values accurate data to make predictions and analysis, you’re in need of data.

Data to decide;

-          What to feature in ads

-          What to feature on your site

-          Which distributors to invest in

-          What to discount

-          What to promote  

All major decisions in terms of marketing and sales of hotel bookings should be data-driven. Unfortunately, there’s a roadblock preventing that. Improperly sorted data, Aka poor hotel inventory mapping.  Currently, for most hotel distributors and travel agencies, their hotel data isn’t properly sorted. This makes comparing variables in the performance of properties/supply sources like comparing fish to trees. It just can’t be done right, you’ll get results, but the numbers won’t reflect reality and that can lead to disastrous outcomes.   

That’s where hotel mapping comes into play. Hotel mapping takes the entirety of your hotel data and filters it down to one entry per hotel, one entry per hotel room type for that particular hotel. In other words, mapping standardizes the information. While doing this, it retains the ‘best’ bits of information, such as the best visuals and description for each booking, more importantly, it makes everything comparable.  

The end result is accurate data. Using that mapped data, you can set-up analytic tools for each booking sold or unsold, with information on where it came from, who saw it and more. Anyone in sales or marketing knows that this type of information is highly valuable. The possibility to double or triple sales lies within the numbers and experimenting around them.  

Hotel mapping is a skeleton key that opens up countless optimization possibilities and has become increasingly necessary. Distributors have also begun adopting the technology.  

The possibility of making the optimal choices drastically increases once you have these analytics in place. With your data sorted, all that’s left is to reap the benefits of a well-oiled machine. 

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